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community development
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"trivia" is TAKITA Masahiro's activity that started in 2000 to work on "Public Design (Community Development)" to support personal and serious matter that seem trivial things from others.

I define Community Development as "the support of socially isolated human relations and phenomena in the intermediate area of the local community, and putting into practice together with those who are present to overcome the problems of daily life and pass on hope to the next generation".

And now, as a university faculty member, I put into practice it.


TAKITA Masahiro

Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University
Lecturer, Certified Social Worker, Master of Design

I was born in Kumamoto City in 1975, and started my design activity "trivia" when I was an university student in 2000, and since then I have been involved in various projects based on Community Development and Communication Design. I also moved to the town of Tsuetate Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture in 2004 to practice Community Development, and have been in my current position since 2009. I am currently engaged in practice and research to overcome the problems of Child and Family Welfare mainly from the perspective of Communication Design and Service Design.


Memories Questionnaire

My life's work, which I have continued since 2000 when I started "trivia". I continue to do so with an awareness of not making listening a means to an end, and of the relationships that are created through the exchange of memories.

Welfare and Design

This project aims to put the potential of design into practice in the field of welfare. Design for Local Government project started in 2014 and changed its name to "Welfare and Design" in August 2022. General Incorporated Association "Welfare and Design" is working on this project.

Card Kit for Foster Care "TOKETA"

"TOKETA" is a card kit for foster children, biological children, and children who will spend time in foster care. Through the use of the cards, we aim to help children better understand foster families and the foster care system, and to build a relationship between the children and their supporters, where they can talk and ask questions with confidence. Planned and produced together with the Nippon Foundation. Currently available at "Welfare and Design".

Workshop kit for learning about children's rights, "Kikasete Journey"

"Kikasete Journey" is a workshop program for children to learn about "children's rights" by listening to each other's voices at school and in the community. The program is designed and produced in collaboration with UMA / design farm. Published by Children's Advocacy Center Fukuoka.

Tsuetate Onsen, Kumamoto Prefecture

Involved in the master plan for the Improvement of the landscape at Tsuetate Onsen in 2003, and moved to the Tsuetate Onsen the following year to establish a community development organization about Tsuetate Onsen area. Since my appointment at Kyushu University, 2009, I have continued to be involved in community development.

SOS Children's Villages Japan

Involved in the direction of public relations for the entire corporation as director of the communications department since 2012. Editor-in-Chief of the booklet "Kazoku", first published in 2014. Service designer of the "Minna de Satooya Project" since 2015.

Iris for youth

Iris is a website for people who have experienced social care. It is created and managed by youth. I am charge of advisor.

Alternative Experience Project

Since 2017, working with university students on a project to deliver "Alternative Experience" to children living in orphanages and foster family in Fukuoka City.

NPO Center for Children Fukuoka

I am the head of "Family Ship Fukuoka", a public-private partnership project to promote foster care support in Fukuoka City. I am also the director of the "Next Dialogue Project", a project to foster ICT literacy among children in social care and their supporters in Fukuoka City. The NPO Center for Children Fukuoka serves as the secretariat for these projects.

Social Welfare Corporation Houboku

Since 2014, I have been in charge of research and advice on Houboku's projects such as whole child and family support, social business, ICT-based support tool development, community development, etc. Board member of Houboku, a social welfare corporation since 2023.

Kodomo to Asobi Project | Kopuro

Kopuro is an organization for children living in foster families and orphanages, and for youth who have experienced social care, providing them with opportunities for independent "Play". I have been a member of the board of directors since its establishment.


It is a national network of agencies involved in aftercare for youth. I am a one of the board of directors.

Social Welfare Corporation Green Coop

Involved in the development and design of teaching materials for the "Household Income Improvement Support Project," which is part of the Self-Support System for the Needy, since 2019. Public Relations Advisor for Green Coop, a social welfare corporation since 2022.


When ALBUS Inc. was founded, I was the director and designer. Currently, as an advisor, I am involved in the overall operations of the corporation and advises on the management of Ifukimachi Nursery School and Goshogatani Nursery School.

Child Advocacy Center FUKUOKA

It is a non-profit organization established in 2021 to promote child advocacy and train advocates. I am involved in this project as an advisor.

Fostering Mark Project

The Fostering Mark Project is a project that works to promote foster care and systems. It is run by the Nippon Foundation and the Public-Private Council for Family Foster Care. I am in charge of the creative direction and design of this website, and am involved in the planning of "the Fostering Card Kit TOKETA", a communication tool for children and their supporters.

Shinsai Regain

Shinsai Regain is a non-profit organization that was established in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Its purpose is to publish the booklet “Shinsai Regain Press" to disseminate information on disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and reconstruction, and to provide intermediate support in times of disaster. I serve as a board member of this corporation.


Soar is a web media that aims to capture and communicate the moments when people's potential expands. I have been a board member since 2019 and mainly involved in advising on articles related to children's welfare.

Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Served as the chairperson of the Nakagawa Town Public Relations Strategy in 2014. Since the following year, I have been serving as an advisor to the Public Relations Advisory Council. And a member of the project "Milica no Mirai" regarding the renewal of the cultural complex "Milica Roden Nakagawa".

Website of Fukuoka City Children's Consultation Center Egaokan

Responsible for the renewal and operation of the website of the Fukuoka City Children's Consultation Center Egaokan, a children's consultation center in Fukuoka City (2014-). The website was implemented by collecting funds from the public through crowdfunding and donating the designed website.





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